South Lanarkshire Carers Network (SLCN)

SLCN is the voice for carers in South Lanarkshire

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  • To identify unpaid Carers in South Lanarkshire
  • Further develop and maintain a Network for unpaid Carers in South Lanarkshire
  • To encourage unpaid carers to participate in a variety of consultation processes
  • To consult and engage with unpaid Carers to produce, develop and provide access to comprehensive information through a variety of methods
  • To identify gaps in service provision and contribute to the development of partnerships working to improve services affecting unpaid carers.
  • To raise and develop the profile of unpaid Carers by promoting their issues at local and national level.

Services provided:

Carers Information Pack is available.

Emergency Access Card: This card is widely available in Lanarkshire.  The card is completed to provide contact details that can be used in an emergency. Carers are encouraged to carry their completed card with them at all times and inform their named contacts what to do in the event of an emergency. If you would like a carers emergency card please contact the organisation on 01698 285 163.

As a Carer, it is easy to neglect your own health and wellbeing. Following guidance from Scottish Government many GP practices have set up Carers’ Registers to enable Carers to get extra support:

  • Flexible appointments
  • Double appointments when necessary
  • An annual flu vaccination

If you wish to have your name added to the Carers’ Register, complete a form (which can be downloaded from the website and is also available from your GP practice or from South Lanarkshire Carers Network.



65 Bothwell Road

Phone: 01698 285 163

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