Sound Seekers (Commonwealth Society for the Deaf)

Sound Seekers helps deaf and hearing-impaired people, especially children, in the developing world


To improve the lives of deaf children and children with ear disease in the developing countries of the Commonwealth.

Services provided:

They partner with major hospitals, health service providers, and schools for deaf children in their seven project countries to establish audiology and education services.  That means they support hospital staff to be trained in basic audiology, then provide them with the kit they need to assist people with hearing impairment, including fitting hearing aids.  They organise volunteer placements for UK audiologists to visit and support the African staff running these services, to ensure that their skills are maintained and upgraded.

They are building a long-term capacity in Africa, providing skills so that African medical staff can treat African people and resources so that African teachers can give deaf African children an education, reducing dependency on the outside world.



UCL Ear institute
332-336 Grays Inn Road

Phone: 020 7833 0035

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