Resolve: ASL

A child focused mediation service within Scotland, dealing with additional support for learning issues


A child focused approach to resolving disputes / conflict between parents / carers of children with additional support needs and Scottish Education Authorities.

Services provided:

The Resolve:ASL service offers a network of fully trained, experienced mediators in neutral venues and operates with a child centered approach, with an emphasis on building trust and understanding to promote effective parent/ professional partnerships.

A RESOLVE: ASL mediator is a trained independent and neutral third party who will:

  • Work with services and families to resolve disputes
  • Assist in communication and encourage mutual understanding
  • Assist the parties to arrive at the outcomes/agreements themselves
  • Establish a basis for effective parent/professional partnerships
  • A RESOLVE:ASL mediator does not make decisions or recommend solutions

The service is free for parents/ carers and children and young people.

For more information, please contact Sandra Mitchell on 0131 313 8844

opening hours:

Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 5.00pm.


c/o Children in Scotland
Level 1, Rosebery House
9 Haymarket Terrace
EH12 5EZ

Phone: 0131 313 2322

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