Relatives & Residents Association

Promote the well-being and represent the interests of older people in care homes

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To promote the well-being and to represent the interests of older people in care homes.

Services provided:

  • Provide advice, support and information through the Advice Line (020 7359 8136)
  • Help older people and their relatives make informed choices about moving into care
  • Helping potential residents, their families and friends be better informed about their rights, entitlements and standards they should expect
  • Disseminating information and influencing practice through training courses, conferences, seminars, publications and training materials
  • Empowering older people, their relatives and friends to stand up for the human rights of those in care homes
  • Supporting families and close friends in their roles as principal advocates acting in the best interests of older people in care
  • Promoting and supporting relatives and residents groups in care homes and local areas
  • Influencing public and professional opinion.


1 The Ivories
6 - 18 Northampton Street
N1 2HY

Phone: 020 7359 8148
Fax: 020 7226 6603
Helpline number: 020 7359 8136

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