National Society for Research into Allergy

Supports research into allergies and food intolerance


  • To see effective, safe treatment for allergy intolerance in National Health Service hospitals
  • To provide reliable information and guidance to people who believe they are affected by an allergy or intolerance
  • To see allergy and intolerance accepted as real problems and for there to be adequate, effective and safe treatment in major teaching hospitals
  • To assist and impart information to G.P.s, hospital doctors and members of other medically trained caring and teaching professions
  • To supply correct information to the media.

services provided:

  • Offers advice on the whole spectrum of food and chemical induced allergy and intolerance, mineral deficiency, candida, parasitic infection, hyperactivity and hyperventilation
  • Can suggest the best doctor for a particular problem in your area
  • Provides funding for academic bodies to research safe and effective methods of testing for and treating allergy and intolerance.

opening hours:

Sunday – Friday, 9.00am – 9.00pm.



PO Box 45
LE10 0SZ

Phone: 01455 250 715

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