MuSmate Walking Aids

MuSmate Walking Aid assists people who have walking difficulties

Description of service:

For many people, drop foot (or foot-dragging) is a serious problem which reduces their mobility and restricts their working and social lives. Existing devices have their limitations, and so the MuSmate Walking Aid was developed to better meet the needs of patients. The MuSmate uses the action of an elastic cord to eliminate the dropping of the foot and so make walking easier.

When a foot is placed on the ground, it stretches the cord. Then, as the leg is lifted to move forward, the shoulders will support the lifting and moving of the foot. It is a natural movement. The amount of support and height of the foot lift can be easily adjusted (for obstacles and uneven ground) to best meet individual needs.

Also suppliers of Quadstep, which is a walking stick with a base. It is light, portable, and can be used in any situation where a person needs to step up, including:

  • steps and stairs
  • kerbs
  • accessing walk-in baths, cars and buses.

Also supply decorative covers for walking sticks and canes.


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Last updated: May 24, 2021 11:39 am

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