London Recumbents

Hire and sell bicycles for people with special needs

Description of service:

Hire and sell a huge range of cycles and tricycles for people with special needs.

Although most of the bikes are available for hire in the park, some like the Challenge recumbents and Bikes from Hase are only available for test-rides by appointment.

London Recumbents can generally find a bike that’s suitable for nearly any purpose, but their speciality is special needs and recumbents – though if you need a child carrier of any sort, or a bike to help you move house, they can help you out with that as well.

The Duet – Wheelchair Tandem combines a wheelchair and a bike into a tandem that provides real mobility and fun. The beauty of this bike is that it separates in seconds allowing the wheelchair user to be independently mobile once both passengers arrive at their destination.
The bike can be hired or purchased with a number of options including electrical assist.

The T-Bike range of trikes is a versatile range of trikes. The ‘back to front’ design with two front wheels renders the trike far more stable than a conventional set up. It also means that the rider can see the outside width of the machine at all times, enabling them to judge gaps far easier than on a conventionally set up trike. Having a single driven centrally located rear wheel, means that traction is improved and gear systems can be changed and adapted easily.

These are just a few examples of the huge range of bikes available.

Also available is a range of specially designed harnesses, supports and foot / pedal plates. London Recumbents have extensive experience in adapting a wide variety of bikes to suit most needs.

Also supply some normal upright bikes as well.

Equipment hire:

Bikes can be hired.

Opening hours:

10.00am – 5.00pm.


Ranger's Yard
Dulwich Park,
SE21 7BQ

Phone: 0208 299 6636

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