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Make travel possible for those who are disabled or very ill

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To make it possible for severely disabled and unwell adults and children and dependent elderly people to travel on holidays and day outings which for most would be well nigh impossible by air, rail, standard coach or any other means.

Services provided:

A Jumbulance can be hired to take a party to see local places of interest or maybe disabled supporters of a favourite sports club to watch a match or sporting event.

A Jumbulance can be hired for a longer period perhaps to take a Group on a 10 day holiday or pilgrimage to places all over mainland Europe as far distant as Poland, Austria and Italy.

With all the special facilities in a Jumbulance people can travel safely and in comfort all day and throughout the night subject to EU Regulations, with no need even to leave the Jumbulance when crossing the Channel if a disability or illness makes it inappropriate to do so.

One of the older Jumbulances with a maximum capacity of 24 is equipped with:

  • 8 stretcher beds, 4 of which are removable trolley beds, with adjustable backrest and knee support
  •  16 reclining seats
  •  large disabled persons washroom and toilet
  •  kitchenette for hot drinks and small meals
  •  medical supplies with oxygen, resuscitators and suction units
  • large lift for ease of access
  • PA system
  • Storage capacity sufficient for luggage and wheelchairs
  • Full air-conditioning.

The newer, larger Jumbulances with a maximum capacity of 23 is equipped with:

Similar facilities but with 18 seats and 5 stretcher / trolley beds all of which can be replaced with wheelchairs, allowing for more flexibility dependent on demand.

The Midi Jumbulance with a maximum capacity of 24 is equipped with:

Seats for 18 plus


  • 2 stretcher beds and 4 wheelchairs or
  • 6 wheelchairs all clamped to the floor
  • large lift for ease of access
  • drink making facilities and fridge
  • toilet
  • medical supplies with oxygen and resuscitator
  • full air-conditioning
  • flexibility of configuration internally
  • trailer for extra luggage if required.



Unit 42
Thrales End Business Centre

Phone: 01582 765 423
Website: http://www.jumbulance.org.uk/
Email: info@jumbulance.org.uk
Helpline number: 07795 018 934 (mobile)

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