iansyst Ltd

Technology to help dyslexic people

Description of service:

iansyst was founded to provide training and educational software. Since 1994 the core focus has been technology to help dyslexic people. The company is also involved in developing assistive technology.

Offers independent expert advice on the best technology solutions available to help dyslexic people make the most of their abilities, from home and school through into college and the workplace.

iansyst technology services provides computer hardware and software solutions, for home, business and educational purposes. They are attuned to the needs of individuals in higher education with disabilities, offering a comprehensive after-sales service including training, onsite support and insurance.

Equipment hire:

They do not hire out equipment.

Additional information:

dyslexic.com is the UK’s premier online source for dyslexia-related software, technology and impartial information, reviews and comparisons, providing a single source for education, professionals, parents and individuals looking to help themselves or others.


Suite 1 - Bonnington Bond
2 Anderson Place

Phone: 0131 516 2069
Website: http://www.iansyst.co.uk/
Email: scotland@iansyst.co.uk

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