Hydrate for Health Ltd

Provide a drinks delivery solution (The Hydrant) for the healthcare market

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Description of service and products sold:

Water related malnutrition and dehydration have been acknowledged as serious problems in the NHS and healthcare generally. This is not due to a lack of available fluids, but in many cases it is because of the difficulty patients have in actually accessing the water due to its location and their lack of movement due to illness or incapacity.
As a result of the owner’s experience in hospital, and subsequent research proving a need, Hydrate for Health was formed in April 2007 to develop a drinks delivery solution for the healthcare market. That solution is called The Hydrant.

Hydrate for Health products can now be purchased online.


1 Westfield Place

Website: http://www.hydrateforhealth.co.uk
Email: enquiries@hydrateforhealth.co.uk
Helpline number: 0800 292 2382

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