Glasgow Homelessness Network

Striving to prevent, alleviate and ultimately eradicate homelessness by raising awareness

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Glasgow Homelessness Network is the voluntary sector organisation which acts as the umbrella body for organisations and individuals working to eradicate homelessness in Glasgow. It aims to ensure that outcomes for people affected by homelessness meet their needs, interests and aspirations.

Services provided:

  • Facilitate information exchange about organisations and services
  • Encourage and facilitate links between agencies
  • Build networks and capacity for both, people affected by homelessness and the services they need
  • Investigate, evaluate and report on experiences of homelessness, its prevention, alleviation and risk
  • Works to ensure that people who experience homelessness directly influence planning, provision and practice.

opening hours:

Monday – Friday, 9.30am – 4.00pm.


Unit 16a
Adelphi Centre
12 Commercial Road
G5 0PQ

Phone: 0141 420 7272
Fax: 0141 429 0508

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