Equal Futures

Develop the structures needed to support families and people with disabilities


To give peace of mind to families who have a relative with a disability by building networks around people and helping to plan for the person.

Services provided:

  • Building lifelong networks / circles of support around a person with a disability and their family. This circle will be facilitated by an employee of Equal Futures and the circle will consist of friends / family / allies who want to be part of the focus persons life and are not just paid to be there
  • Assist families to begin to prepare for the future by completing a future Planning Consultation and holding workshops on financial planning ‘Wills & Trusts’, ‘Power of Attorney and Guardianship’ and ‘Housing Ownership Options’
    Holding training in all areas of inclusion
  • Build circle of friends in school, enhancing the inclusion of any young person who is experiencing difficulties in school. Equal Futures mobilise the young persons peers to provide support and engage in problem solving.

opening hours:

Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 5.00pm. A great deal of their work is done outside of these hours.


21 Walker Street

Phone: 0131 226 5454
Website: http://www.equalfutures.org.uk
Email: info@equalfutures.org.uk

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