Epilepsy Connections

Support, information & training programmes for anyone with a personal or professional interest in epilepsy

Services provided:

Fieldwork Project:

  • User-friendly information about epilepsy issues
  • A listening ear at times of crisis
  • Practical support in living with epilepsy – first aid for seizures, safety, lifestyle issues
  • Liaison with other organisations, e.g. Housing and Social Work
  • Signposting the way to other sources of help.

Epilepsy Connections – Forth Valley Fieldwork Service
Telephone – 01324 673 750

Befriending Project:
Support to people who are isolated by their condition to get out and about and enjoy activities that many of us take for granted – shopping, going to the cinema or meeting for coffee.

Multicultural Project:
Promotes awareness of epilepsy issues and provides bilingual and culturally sensitive information and support to people affected by epilepsy within ethnic minority communities.

Mainstreaming Project:
Offers adults with epilepsy the chance to access education, training, voluntary and paid employment.

Epilepsy Training:
Offers comprehensive epilepsy awareness and first aid educational packages, including the administration of rescue medication and Heartstart training, suitable for anyone with a personal or professional interest in epilepsy.

Schools Project:
Provides age-appropriate information about epilepsy and delivers fun and interactive talks to pupils.  It also provides epilepsy awareness sessions to teachers and staff.

Catchment area:

Greater Glasgow and Forth Valley areas.

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 5.00pm.


100 Wellington Street
G2 6DH

Phone: 0141 248 4125
Website: http://www.epilepsyconnections.org.uk
Email: info@epilepsyconnections.org.uk
Fax: 0141 248 5887

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