Electronic Immigration Network

Linking advice workers who deal with immigration issues

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To link major information providers with advice workers and practitioners dealing with all issues relating to immigration, refugee and nationality law and practice in the United Kingdom.

Services provided:

There is an open access website providing information about the service.
Members get access to a ‘members-only’ site providing:

  • information
  • links to other advisors
  • bulletin boards
  • database of case reports and summaries, immigration tribunal determinations
  • events pages
  • training.


Members include solicitors, barristers, CAB’s, Law Centres, community and student advice centres and Racial Equality Council – as well as specialist immigration, nationality and refugee projects.

50% discount for voluntary organisations.


Phone: 0161 235 6330
Website: http://www.ein.org.uk
Email: info@ein.org.uk

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