Edinburgh & Lothians Regional Equality Council

Working towards the elimination of discrimination

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  • Work towards the elimination of inequality and discrimination
  • Promote equality of opportunity and good relations between persons of different equality groups
  • Promote and organise co-operation of the statutory authorities and voluntary organisations.

services provided:

Services and projects include:

  • Support and Advice Service – The Support and Advice Service is a  confidential service which offers advice and assistance to persons who experience discrimination.
  • Policy development – ELREC along with other organisations seek to identify, challenge and re-address all forms of prejudice and discrimination.
  • Young People Against Hate – The main objective of the Young People Against Hate project is to bring young people in these areas to work together to develop an educational package or campaign to raise the awareness about the damage of hate crime in their community and encourage others to do more to tackle the problem collectively.
  • Routes to Roots – Adopting Scotland as a Homeland is a new project funded for two years
  • Equalities Engagement – Supports public bodies to engage with diverse communities and community organisations to positively advance the Public Sector Equality Duty in Edinburgh and the Lothians.
  • Third Party Reporting – Third Party Reporting is a way of reporting a crime, including Hate Crime, or passing on information without talking to the police directly.
  • Resource Library – ELREC has a wide collection of books, journals, research findings and directories on equality matters.
  • Direct Approach – Direct Approach empowers women of minority ethnic and faith groups to bring about positive change and advance inclusion and diversity within communities.
  • TRUE Colours – Their objective is to fight racism, discrimination, bullying and sectarianism in schools and to promote good relations. 

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday, 9.30am – 4.30pm.


14 Forth Street

Phone: 0131 556 0441
Website: http://www.elrec.org.uk/
Email: admin@elrec.org.uk
Fax: 0131 556 8577

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