Direct Payments Support Service (Dumfries & Galloway)

Direct payments support organisation

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Services provided:

The Financial Inclusion and Assessment Team can help and advise on the following aspects of Direct Payments:

  • Deciding if Direct Payments are right for you
  • Deciding what care package best meets your needs e.g. employing a personal assistant, using care providers / local authority services or even a mixture of these options
  • Record keeping e.g. time sheets, keeping receipts, PAYE records and filling out quarterly returns
  • Opening up a bank account
  • Setting up a payroll service
  • Producing employment contracts/job descriptions
  • Appropriate rates of pay
  • Your responsibility and legal requirements as an employer
  • Registering with SPAEN – Scottish Personal Assistant Employers Network


Social Work Services
122 - 124 Irish Street

Phone: 01387 260 317
Helpline number: or 01387 260 088

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