Burwood Centre of Childhood Deafness

Offers a private hearing assessment and hearing aid service to both adults and children

Description of service:

The Burwood Centre offers specialist, independent, multidisciplinary assessments to children and young people who are deaf. We offer assessments regardless of whether they use spoken or sign language to communicate. We assess many children who have complex needs, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), specific speech and or language difficulties, physical and medical difficulties, learning difficulties and visual impairment. If we feel that we cannot meet your child’s specific needs, then we will make recommendations with regards to where they might be better assessed. Our professionals include an Educational Psychologist, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, Teacher of the Deaf and Audiologist, all of whom are very experienced at working with deaf children.

Additional information:

Some financial assistance can be offered on a discretionary basis.


Arlington Manor
Snelsmore Common
RG14 3BH

Phone: 01635 573 820
Website: https://burwoodcentre.org/
Email: info@burwoodcentre.org
Fax: 01635 231 445

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