British Stammering Association (BSA)

Information and support service for stammerers and their relatives

Phone our helpline on


  • To initiate and support research into stammering
  • To identify and promote effective therapies
  • To offer support for all whose lives are affected by stammering
  • To promote awareness of stammering.

services provided:

  • Runs free information service for people who stammer and their relatives throughout the United Kingdom
  • Provides specialist information on stammering for health professionals, teachers and employers
  • Supports a network of local self-help groups
  • Maintains a UK-wide database of specialist speech and language therapists and self-help provision
  • Runs a confidential telephone helpline service
  • Organises conferences, workshops and open days
  • Operates a postal lending library service of books, tapes and videos.

local groups:

Several local self-help groups are located around the United Kingdom, contact the organisation for further details.



15 Old Ford Road
E2 9PJ

Helpline number: 0208 880 6590

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