British Society for Disability and Oral Health

Co-ordinating group for those interested in oral care for the disabled


  • To promote the oral health of disabled people of all ages
  • To promote links with organisations representing disabled people
  • To consult with disability groups to identify their needs and demands
  • To study the barriers relating to the provision of oral health care for disabled people
  • To develop Undergraduate and Postgraduate teaching in the subject
  • To encourage research in the field of oral health for disabled people.

services provided:

  • The society helps to put clients in touch with the appropriate dental services
  • Holds two scientific meetings each year which cover behavioural, social and clinical topics.


Full membership is open to individuals having a registerable dental or medical qualification in the United Kingdom or who have a special interest in the oral care of disabled people.
Full membership (Category A) is open to Dental Hygienists, Dental Therapists, Dental Nurses and members of the paradental and paramedical professions who have a special interest in the care of disabled people.


The Society produces the Journal of Disability and Oral Health, which is published in April and October each year.


Lorna Hollingsworth
Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Williams Avenue


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