British Deaf Association (Scotland)

Provide services for Deaf people


Our Mission is to ensure a world in which the language, culture, community, diversity and heritage of Deaf people in the UK is respected and fully protected, ensuring that Deaf people can participate and contribute as equal and valued citizens in the wider society. This will be achieved through:

• Improving the quality of life by empowering Deaf individuals and groups; • Enhancing freedom, equality and diversity; • Protecting and promoting BSL.

The BDA is a Deaf people’s organisation representing a diverse, vibrant and ever-changing community of Deaf people. Our activities, promotions, and partnerships with other organisations aim to empower our community. We also aim to act as guardians of BSL.

1. Protecting our Deaf culture and identity – we value Deaf peoples’ sense of Deaf culture and identity derived from belonging to a cultural and linguistic group, sharing similar beliefs and experiences with a sense of belonging.

2. Asserting our linguistic rights – we value the use of BSL as a human right. BSL must be preserved, protected and promoted because we also value the right of Deaf people to use their first or preferred language.

3. Fostering our community – we value Deaf people with diverse perspectives, experiences and abilities. We are committed to equality and the elimination of all forms of discrimination with a special focus on those affecting Deaf people and their language.

4. Achieving equality in legal, civil and human rights – we value universal human rights such as the right to receive education and access to information in sign language, and freedom from political restrictions on our opportunities to become full citizens.

5 Developing our alliance – we value those who support us and are our allies because they share our vision and mission.


BDA stands for Deaf, Equality, Access and Freedom of Choice


Services provided:

  • Deaf Community Engagement
  • Access and Inclusion
  • Advice and Signposting
  • Advocacy
  • BSL Charter
  • Heritage
  • Deaf Roots and Pride
  • Youth
  • Membership and Events
  • Research and Policy
  • Deaf International Development


Membership available. Contact the organisation.

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 5.00pm.

Additional information:

Head office:-

BDA Head Office
3rd Floor
356 Holloway Road
London N7 6PA

T: 020 7697 4140


Central Chambers
Suite 58
93 Hope Street
G2 6LD

Phone: 0141 248 5554
Minicom: 0141 248 5567

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