Brainwave Centre

Design individual programmes for children with a brain injury


To design individual therapy programmes for children with a brain injury.

Services provided:

Offers the most comprehensive range of custom-built services in the U.K., complementing what is available from Health Authorities, with a specialist team which has been dealing with brain injured children for over thirty years.  Specialist teams include  physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists.   Programmes teach families how to deliver exercises in their own homes, so apart from an initial assessment and twice yearly re-assessments in Bridgwater, children receive therapeutic and educational activities within their familiar family environment.

On-site residential facilities enable parents to stay with their children while they are being assessed. In addition, Brainwave offers a broad range of therapies, including hydrotherapy an external therapy area, sensory garden, music therapy and multi sensory room, all geared to stimulating various functions including mobility, co-ordination, communication and most importantly, the ‘Centre’ backs up its therapies with a programme of ongoing advice and support via home visits, with DVDs being used to monitor and demonstrate progress.

Virtual rehabilitation with the Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Envioronment or CAREN

Run outreach clinics in Scotland for Reassessments.
They now have centres in Essex and Cheshire as well as Somerset.

Membership costs:

Membership is open to anyone with a personal or professional interest in supporting the aims and objectives of the charity. Some people may prefer to join a local family support group, which are open to professionals as well as families. Enquire whether there is one in your area.


Huntworth Gate

Phone: 01278 429 089
Fax: 01278 429 622

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