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Website enables teachers to search for and download books in accessible formats


The Books for All Database enables teachers and other education practitioners to search for and download books and other printed materials in adapted, accessible formats for print disabled pupils.
The resources on the database are Accessible Copies of copyright books and works.  These Accessible Copies are shared under the terms and conditions of the CLA Print Disability licence.  The books can only be used by pupils who are visually impaired or otherwise disabled and by reason of such visual impairment or disability are unable to read or access the original printed book.

In practice, this means the books on the database can be used by pupils who have difficulty reading or accessing paper books because they:

  • cannot see the text, because of a visual impairment;
  • cannot read the text, due to for example dyslexia;
  • cannot comprehend the text because of for example learning difficulties;
  • cannot hold a book or turn pages, due to physical disability.

Pupils do not need to be registered as visually impaired, or have an official ‘diagnosis’ of dyslexia or other difficulty.

The Database is hosted by Scran and managed by CALL Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Government.


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