Manufacturers of Biston Wheelchair Bag and the Point of Care Community Bag

Description of service and products sold:

Biston are the producers of the Biston® Point of Care Community Bag and the Wheelchair Bag.

Biston products are British made and developed by experienced chartered physiotherapists, who have more than 70 years’ experience and are members of the National Back Exchange.

The Biston® Wheelchair bag has been designed to reduce the risk of injury while maneuvering wheelchairs. The bag features strategically placed handles which increase stability when lifting and improve grip. This design helps loading or unloading a folded wheelchair into a car boot feel lighter.  Maneuvering a wheelchair using the Biston® Bag enables the user to maintain good body posture by preventing over reaching. It also helps eliminating twisting therefore reducing the risk of injury.


The Biston Point of Care Bag has been specially designed to effectively store a wide range of equipment, while spreading the weight evenly to provide a comfortable experience therefore lightening the load and making it safer to carry equipment. The Biston® Point of Care Bag features a large front storage section with adjustable dividers, which can be fastened to best fit your equipment. The dividers can also be removed to make a larger front section for large equipment.  The front section of the Biston® Bag also features a detachable pouch which can be used to separately store small items including, waste material and sharps. Antibacterial material is used to line the inside of the bag. The bag also features a detachable examination mat which can be neatly stored in the bag when not being used.

 The Biston® Point of Care Bag also features a back office section which can be used to store pens and paperwork, it is also large enough to fit laptops and electronic tablets. All sections of the bag feature strong tamperproof and lockable zips.

Biston is part of Sutherland Health Group plc.  a supplier of innovative health care brands and products to the UK National Health Service (NHS) and other UK customers


Unit 1 Rivermead
Pipers Way
RG19 4EP

Phone: 01635 874 488
Fax: 01635 877 622

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