Benefits for New Refugees

This factsheet is for people who have been granted refugee status, indefinite leave to remain, humanitarian protection or discretionary leave


Have you recently received a decision on your asylum claim and been granted leave to remain in the UK? If so, any money you were getting from the Home Office will stop within 28 days. If you still need financial help you may be able to claim benefits instead. Benefits are money that can be paid to you by the government depending on your circumstances. This leaflet tells you what benefits you may be able to claim and what to do if you are having problems getting paid.

This leaflet is for people who have been granted Refugee Status, Indefinite Leave to Remain, Humanitarian Protection or Discretionary Leave – as long as one of these applies to you, and you are not subject to a public funds restriction, you have the same rights to benefits as UK nationals.

The factsheet can be downloaded from the website via:- Poverty Action Group&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=7899020_SC January enews&dm_i=5MH,4PAX8,8REN2J,HLHOV,1

Last updated December 2016

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