Benefits for Migrants Handbook

Bridges the gap between immigration and benefits advice


The Benefits for Migrants Handbook is the complete and definitive guide to social security entitlement for people who have come to or who are leaving the UK. 

This edition of their popular handbook has been fully updated to take account of all legislative and case-law developments, including in the rapidly changing areas of residence rights and benefit entitlements for EEA nationals and the operation of the EU co-ordination rules.  

It explains, in an accessible way:

  • who can satisfy the right to reside requirement
  • how immigration status affects entitlement to benefits, tax credits and council tax reduction
  • difficulties that migrants may encounter with their claims and getting paid, and how to deal with problems such as delays and providing evidence
  • how the European rules co-ordinating social security can be of assistance
  • financial and other support available for asylum seekers

Fully indexed and cross-referenced to UK and European legislation and case law, it is the essential guide for EEA and non-EEA nationals, asylum seekers and refugees, families with different immigration statuses, British citizens returning from abroad, and all migrants who need to navigate the complexity of the immigration and benefit rules.     


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