Asian Peoples Disability Alliance (APDA)

Provide information and support to Asian disabled people

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  • to provide needs-led and user-led culturally-appropriate services that mainstream service providers are unable to provide because of limited or no expertise in culturally-related matters of Asian disabled people, their carers and their families.
  • to work in partnership and in collaboration with service planners and other mainstream bodies to help incorporate the particular needs of APDA’s client groups in service planning and other programmes that affect their lives.
  • to act as a resource for Asian disabled people, their carers and families for consultation, peer support, exchange of information and ideas etc. and as facilitators in their social development.

Asian disabled people and their carers are at a great disadvantage because many mainstream service providers do not take into account racial and cultural diversity.

APDA addresses this by providing Asian culturally-appropriate services which offer:

  • all the different South Asian languages
  • an implemented knowledge and experience of Asian
  • cultural codes
  • social codes
  • religious codes
  • gender codes
  • dietary codes.




Day Care and Development Centre
Alric Avenue
off Bruce Road
NW10 8RA

Phone: 020 8459 1030
Fax: 020 8830 0790

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