Alkaptonuria (AKU) Society

Provide information and advice for AKU patients in the UK


Support AKU patients, their families and their caregivers

  • Provide reliable, up to date information about AKU

  • Raise awareness of AKU

  • Research into the causes, effects and treatments of AKU

  • Bring together all the resources needed to find a cure for AKU


Twitter: @AKUSociety   

Services provided:

We primarily offer support to patients and form scientific partnerships, with the aim of finding a cure for AKU. We firmly believe that the best way to help patients is to cure them. This can only be achieved by recruiting scientists and clinicians who are dedicated to our cause.

They work closely with the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, who are now the leading centre of excellence for AKU in the UK. We have built strong partnerships with several universities and hospital trusts that have helped expand the scientific knowledge of AKU that one day could be used to cure the disease. 
Their work is expanding across the world. They have helped set up many sister arms of the AKU Society in different countries, including ALCAP in France,  AIM AKU in Italy, DSAKU in Germany, AKU Society in the Netherlands and AKU Society North America in the US and Canada. Plans to expand into Slovakia, Jordan and Belgium are under way. 

opening hours:

Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 5.00pm.


66 Devonshire Road


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