Action Medical Research (Scotland)

Provides grants for vital medical research

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  • To improve the lives of children and babies suffering from disease and disability by funding the best research projects in areas where it is most likely to find cures or treatments.
  • To facilitate the development and career progression of those interested in becoming medical researchers of the future by funding Research Training Fellowships.

Services provided:

  • Fund research into conditions affecting babies and children. Their emphasis is on biomedical clinical research or research at the interface between clinical and basic science. Within this criteria, they also support research and development of equipment and techniques to improve diagnosis, therapy and assistive technology (including orthoses, prostheses and aids to daily living) and they encourage applications in the field of medical engineering. Application forms and futher guidance, including exclusions, is available on their website.

  • Three main areas of research concentrate on ; Premature babies and pregnancy complications for mother and child; Young children and teenagers suffering from disease and disability; rare illnesses.

  • They also provide Research Training Fellowships for those wishing to further their medical training to concentrate on research work.

Local groups:

There are voluntary fund raising committees located throughout the United Kingdom.

Additional information:

For further information Janet Balcombe (Scottish contact) can be contacted on 01505 864 334 or e-mail:


Vincent House
West Sussex
RH12 2DP

Phone: 01403 210 406
Fax: 01403 210 541

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