Vehicles adapted to take sick and terminally ill people on pilgrimages


Across is a registered charity which takes sick and disabled persons on pilgrimage to Lourdes using specially designed vehicles called Jumbulances. Across gives priority to people who are severely ill or disabled. Across is strictly non-denominational.

Facilities & services:

There are seven beds for people who are sick or disabled, three of which are trolley beds. There are eighteen seats for helpers.
Toilet and washing facilities, kitchen for hot meals and drinks.
Hydraulic lift for loading and unloading people in wheelchairs or trolley beds.
Emergency equipment like resuscitator and oxygen.
A Jumbulance group consists of sick and disabled persons, doctor, nurses, chaplain and male and female lay helpers.


St Marks Community Centre
218 Tollgate Road

Phone: 01499 302 715
Fax: 01499 302 716

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