Accessible Moray (Formerly Moray Access Panel)

Promote access to facilities and services for disabled people

Although the Moray Access Panel has disbanded for the time being, the Panel felt that the website should be kept and should be seen only as an information platform.

Accessible walks (core paths) as well as other accessible attractions in Moray will be added periodically, solely to serve as a point of interest for visitors, and/or local residents, to Moray.

Access issues, which are not complex in nature, will be attempted to be answered via an online form, or email


  • To promote public awareness of the problems that face disabled people
  • To improve access to public buildings.

services provided:

  • Improve access to public buildings and offer advice on how improvements might be carried out
  • The service is available free to all disabled people, builders, planners, architects, local businesses, providers of recreational facilities, public bodies and local authorities.



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