Creating Headings

When you open up a document in Microsoft Office you are actually opening up a template.  This may be a template you have created yourself such as a template to do an invoice or it may be the default template which opens up when your click ‘Create New Blank Document’.  A template will have a set of instructions as to how the document will look and which will include the following:

  • The default font that will be used
  • The default font size that will be used
  • How much space there will be between lines of text
  • How much space there will be between paragraphs etc etc

Templates are used so that the formatting of your document does not have to be recreated each time the application is used.

For the purposes of this module we will use examples from Microsoft Word 365. However the principles are the same whatever software package you use.

When you open up your word processing package you will see a blank page on which you can start typing.