Accessibility issues and strategies for people with visual Impairments

  • According to the Royal National Institute for the Blind there are 2 million people considered to be ‘living with sight loss‘ in the UK.  This can be through illness, hereditary conditions or disease amongst other reasons and RNIB define sight loss as being unable to see letters below the half way point on an opticians chart.  This is also the level at which people in the UK are required to surrender their driving licence.
  • Of these 2 million people 340,000 of them are registered as blind or partially sighted. This level is defined as someone who cannot read the top row letters on an opticians chart.
  • According to 3 million people in the UK have some form of colour vision deficiency (colour blindness)

We will now look at some of the visual issues themselves and the strategies and assistive technologies that can be utilised to ensure that people with visual impairments can access online information.

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