Information is knowledge, and knowledge is power

In my role as Information Worker at Disability Information Scotland, I was recently asked what I felt was important about my role. Thankfully it was really easy to answer “Social Justice – Information is Power”. What I meant by this was that equality, fairness, and access to opportunity matter for everyone in society. I really do believe that sharing information when people need it, in the way they want it enables positive change.

Working on our telephone helpline, I hear directly from disabled people who, with the right information and knowledge can move forward positively. The right information enables so many things: making daily life easier with the right piece of equipment; getting that well deserved short break after finding out about grant funding; or finally gaining access to the support that you just didn’t know was out there. All of this contributes to a fairer and more equal society in which we can all participate fully.

As well as directly supporting clients, a key part of my role is to evaluate and monitor the impact of our services. Our information team have made some real progress with this recently. We’ve been phoning our clients for feedback and have setup an online survey asking people to tell us how our information has helped them. We’ve also been out talking to groups of disabled people, sharing information and asking them to tell us if they think anything is missing. All of the feedback has been incredibly valuable and really reinforces the power of information. Below are some recent quotes form our helpline callers, highlighting just how important access to the right information is…

Quote image "thanks for all your support, I really appreciated you listening to me when I needed someone to talk to"

If you have any thoughts or feedback that you’d like to share please I’d love to hear from you: or 0131 243 2743.

If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, help us to share more information by using the hashtag #shareinfo4change.

If you would like disability information please contact our dedicated disability information helpline:

0300 323 9961 / text 0778 620 0707 /

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