Getting online and sharing information

As a small charity, keeping up with the ever evolving digital world can be a challenge. With what often feels like a million and one things to do, it’s all too common to put off thinking about online presence and the many ways of sharing information online. That said, we know it is important to support digital participation and reach more people online! After all, the more information is produced, the more important it becomes that people can access that information – whether it be online, in printed format or through their local advice agency.

Our commitment to digital participation

Update has joined the growing number of organisations committed to tackling digital exclusion in Scotland by signing the Digital Participation Charter. The charter provides a framework for organisations in Scotland to work together in a spirit of partnership to promote digital participation in Scotland. Find out more about the charter at:

We’re also excited to be developing our work in this area with the recruitment of an SCVO Digital Intern.

Some tips for getting a small charity online

Every charity has slightly different needs but the following tips may give you some ideas to help get your charity online.

  1. Embrace social media – see it as a fun way of sharing information about the work of your charity. We find Twitter a great way of letting of people know about our new factsheets and resources!
  2. Think about all the FREE tools out there that can make building an online presence easier. Some great examples include Mailchimp for creating e-bulletins and Hootsuite, a tool that helps you manage and monitor your social media accounts.
  3. Identify goals – think about the short-term and long-term development of your online presence.
  4. Accessibility is key!

Get in touch

We’re still learning here at Update and would love to hear your tips for reaching people online. What do you think works well? If you’ve got an idea to share please let us know.


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