Equality and Human Rights for Disabled People

Over the pandemic we experienced a big rise in numbers of calls to our helpline and this meant that some focus was taken away from updating and creating new information on our website. Thanks to funding for more staffing hours and improvements in how we work we are now managing to focus again on our research, writing and newsletter to improve the information we provide.

We are often asked the question “What are my rights?” by people who call our helpline. This is in many different contexts such as education, employment, housing, health, accessibility and harassment. We want to provide better direction on our website to understand how you can tackle these kinds of question.

We have a guide on the website looking at the Equality Act which will be revised soon


The Public Sector Equality duty features in the information on the Equality Act but will be getting a guide of it’s own.

Information is available about your rights within these specific topic guides and other on our website.

This one is specifically related to Hate Crime:



The guide for Disabled Students covers reasonable adjustments in education.



Watch this space. We will be reviewing these guides and adding more that are specifically focussed on what you can do and who can help you have your basic human rights met as a disabled person in the areas of

  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Health
  • Accessibility

We are also planning a guide on what the rights of the disabled person under the UN Convention of Human Rights.



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