Engaging with books for dyslexic wellbeing

Guest Blog by a dyslexic adult on engaging with books for dyslexic wellbeing.

This blog post is aimed at dyslexic adults.
I’m dyslexic myself so when I say ‘we’ I mean dyslexic adults.

What do I mean by ‘engaging with books’?
Using books in one or more format(s) e.g. print, audio, dramatization.

The role books can play in dyslexic wellbeing
Books can help us look after ourselves. For example, we can use them to self-help with mental health conditions and to boost our mood.

The role booklists can play in dyslexic wellbeing
There are lots of books out there. That can make books seem daunting for us. Booklists compiled specifically for us can signpost us to dyslexia-friendly print books. Lists of alternatives to books (e.g. videos) can also help. We can use the following 2 lists as a starting point. If you find reading difficult and would like to add a recommendation to these lists, please post a comment to this blog post, which you can do anonymously if you wish.


For tips on engaging with books see:

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