Unwanted disability equipment

What can I do with disability aids and equipment I no longer need?

Having items that you don’t need any more cluttering up your home and collecting dust can be annoying. Trying to find out what to do with these items and who can help you to remove them can also be a frustrating task.  The team at Disability Information Scotland have done some research and contacted local social work departments, charities and organisations to see what options are available.

Help is available and there are a few options depending on where you live. Additionally, how you first got a piece of equipment can also affect what you do with it.

If you got your item from the NHS or your local council:

If you received an item following an assessment from a social worker, occupational therapist or other healthcare professional then you would need to contact your local social work department to arrange for the item to be collected. Local authorities differ in their processes. Some will have a joint collection store you can call or within other local authorities, you may have to contact your social worker or local social care department to arrange an uplift. Some social work departments will take privately purchased items as well. You can check with your local authority or contact our helpline on: 0300 323 9961 for further information.

If you bought your piece of equipment:

If you bought your piece of equipment then you can donate it to charity or sell it on.


You can often donate any equipment you no longer need to a local charity.  The British Red Cross sometimes accept used equipment. You can find contact details of your local centre on their website.

Selling used disability equipment:

Often, suppliers of mobility scooters sell pre-owned ones too. If this is the case they can sometimes sell your second hand one on your behalf. Some suppliers operate a trade in system when you buy a new model. Contact your local supplier to ask.

Most often it should not matter whether or not you have bought from the dealer. However, it is advisable to contact them prior to find out. For guidance in searching for a supplier that operates a ‘trade in’ service call our helpline or search the Scottish Disability Directory.

Selling online:

There are a number of websites that can be used for finding or advertising second hand disability equipment. Always be careful when buying or selling online. Disability Equipment Service.co.uk have information and advice on their website for buyers and sellers.

Useful websites include:

If you have a piece of equipment or a disability aid that you no longer need and you need information on what is available within your area then call our helpline on 0300 323 9961 or email info@disabilityscot.org.uk

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