10 Useful app for students

From managing your money to planning your social calendar, the following apps will help make student life easier. From a great article published by Metro, 7th August 2018, P37 providing a guide to the top 10 mobile apps to help you sail through university, compiled by Tom Wiggins.

What Uni App Icon

Whatuni:University Degrees UK (Free, iOS/Android)

If you don’t get the grades you’re after on results day, fire up Whatuni’s clearing app, tell it what qualifications you have and it’ll find you alternative universities running the course you’re interested in, with a direct line to call them and find out if there’s still space to take you in.

Citationsy (Free, iOS)

Creating a bibliography is a skill you’ll only ever really need as a student, so make it as quick and easy as possible by downloading Citationsy. Just choose the style of citation you need, scan the barcode of the book you need to reference and the app will auto-generate the rest for you.

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PlanSnap (Free, iOS/Android)

With all your mates on different timetables, getting everyone together in one room can be like herding drunk cats. Rather than adding everyone to yet another WhatsApp group and sending endless messages back and forth, PlanSnap makes it simple to arrange social engagements – and your friends don’t even need to have the app.

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SplitWise (Free, iOS/Android)

Moving into a shared house? Welcome to a world of passive-aggressive bill splitting, shopping rotas and general financial frustration. Ease the pain by asking everyone nicely if they’d mind installing SpitWise, which makes settling up that little bit easier, with personal balances and digital IOUs. E,, it beats angry Post-It notes, right?

Moment (Free,iOS)

If you’re heading towards a first class degree in procrastination, installing an app like Moment on your iPhone might help you go get some work done. A bit like a fitness tracker but for phone use, you can set daily goals and limits to help make sure you contribute more words to your essay than you do to Twitter.

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Office Lens (iOS/Android)

Most lecturers will make slides and notes available digitally once you leave the lecture hall, but sometimes there will be scribbled annotations or extra lecture notes that you’ll want to digitize for safekeeping. Office Lens uses your iPhone’s camera like a scanner, turning pictures into files you can edit and add to Microsoft Word or Powerpoint.

Squirrel (£9.99 a month, iOS/Android)

When your loan gets paid into your account at the start of terms it can be easy to mistake yourself for a rich person. For a charge of £2.22 per week, Squirrel divides your balance up and stores some away to make sure you don’t spend it all at once. Like a squirrel, get it?

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GoConqr (Free, iOS/Android)

Just reading through your notes isn’t the most effective revision technique, but GoConqr allows you to create mind maps, flashcards and tests that will help you to learn vital information and ensure it doesn’t desert your brain at the crucial time. You can also create slides to help when delivering presentations.

Spotify (£5 a month, iOS/Android)

Spotify usually charges £10 a months for full access to its 35 million songs but as a card-carrying student you can get a Premium subscription (that’s the one without ads and with unlimited streaming) for half the price. All you need is to sign up for a UNiDAYS account. Bargain.

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MyStudyLife (Free, iOS/Android)

MyStudyLife is a calendar app designed for students. It knows the year is divided into terms, not just months and weeks, and helps you work out when you need to start revising for that exam or preparing for that seminar. It’s all backed up to the iCloud too, so you won’t be left high and dry if you lose your phone.

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