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Meditexts is a subscription service for people who are managing chronic conditions.

It provides vital information on your medical condition or circumstances instantly and securely by text message to people who come to your aid.

Some chronic medical conditions (such as diabetes, epilepsy or heart disease), may cause you to have an unexpected fall, find yourself lost, or suffer an accident, and you may be unable to communicate your condition to emergency personnel, or to people who come to your aid.

By subscribing to Meditexts, your critical information, including health conditions, medications and details of next of kin, can be provided instantly via text message by simply texting your Personal Meditexts Number (PMN) to 60060.

This means that information on the vital help you might need is received promptly and efficiently.

When you register with Meditexts you receive a credit card-style card with your Personal Meditexts Number (PMN). If you prefer, you can also purchase medical ID jewellery.

Registering with Meditexts costs £24 a year. For more information see the Meditexts website / telephone 01620 829529 or email at


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