It’s our websites 1st birthday!

This month marks one year since we first launched our website at The Gathering 2016. Despite a few hiccups along the way, it’s been a great success and we have received such positive feedback.

Throughout 2015, the organisation went through a period of transition. We changed our name from Update to Disability Information Scotland and freshened up our look by rebranding. As a result, we built a new website to reflect this.

New features include our new Frequently Asked Questions which provide bite-sized information on our most popular helpline enquiries. We’ve also made significant changes to our Scottish Disability Directory to enable people to search more quickly and easily  for organisations that support disabled people from around Scotland.

Toward the end of last year we arranged an accessibility audit on our site. Since then we have been working really hard making changes to improve the website to make it accessible to all. We still have a bit to go and a few more changes to make, but we are getting closer to having a fully accessible, easy to use and engaging website.

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