Since our last e-newsletter we hosted a stall at The Gathering 2019 which was a great opportunity to showcase our work and make connections with organisations across Scotland and hear about the great work they’re doing.  We’ve included some of their work in this edition.

As we celebrate 20 years we are keen to explore working partnerships to ensure that disabled people, their family, friends and carers are connected and can access great quality information to tackle the issues they face in their lives.  Please get in contact if you have a project or service that you would like to share with others and see what we can do to help you achieve your goals.

In February we went ‘live’ with our new case recording system. As well as streamlining the recording and reporting of our helpline contact we hope to build a picture of the sources of help we have signpost to across Scotland. We know from experience that sources of support can vary across the country and we hope to gain a better insight though improved analysis of our information.

We are delighted to report that the Scottish Government have approved our funding for 2019/20 and we’re looking forward to continue to support the people of Scotland.  So share our details with anyone in need of assistance. You can request copies of leaflets and information guides to help you or your service users.

We hope you enjoy this edition and if there is something you would like to see covered let us know.

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