Cycling update!

From ABC Cycling Club


VIE Velo is a new tandem cycling club for visually impaired people in Edinburgh and the Lothians. We are keen to hear from people with an interest in trying tandem cycling, as visually impaired stokers or as sighted pilots.  No experience of tandem riding is needed, as training will be provided. Pilots should already be cyclists, but stokers may not have had any cycling experience, or may not have ridden since being affected by sight loss.

Traffic-free taster sessions will be arranged at convenient places and times in Edinburgh over the next couple of months.  Thereafter there will be options to progress to riding Edinburgh’s cycle paths, or to go further afield.

There will also be opportunities, through recognised training programmes, for people to gain skills in cycle ride leadership for groups of bikes and tandems and training in essential tandem bike mechanics.

If you would like to come along, give it a go, and chat about what happens next, get in touch with VIE Velo and Cycling UK Development Officer, David Glover by email at

Or follow the VIE Velo Facbook and Twitter accounts

Challenge Life – VIE Velo!

From Irene

You may remember that I enjoyed my trial of a tricycle last month at ABC Cycling Club. I have been keen to get back to cycling and thought I may need a trike due to knee issues that make getting up and down to the saddle difficult. In my search I found semi-recumbent bikes where the angle between the saddle and the pedals is such that you can get your feet on the ground. I am now the proud owner of such a bike and look forward to regular cycling again! If you have similar issues with cycling  or have back pain then these may be another option for you.

Image of semi recumbent bike.
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