Are you ready for a White Christmas in Scotland 2018?

Well the weather forecasts are unpredictable but it’s looking like we might have a white Christmas in Scotland this year.   We have some tips to keep you safe, warm and healthy.  Caring for or being vulnerable through disability or illness during bad weather can feel like a never ending series of stresses.  Whether you are looking forward to a White Christmas or not, preparation is key and we have some tips for ensuring your medication, health, home, mobility and mental health are covered.

So if you want to stay warm, tucked up at home with a good book or film or head out to enjoy some walks or sledging follow our top tips gathered from multiple agencies to help you enjoy whatever you do.

Making sure your home is prepared for freezing weather conditions will help you mitigate any major disaster. Help keep your home warm and make sure that you avoid any stress of burst pipes or broken down boilers.

If you need to travel, you can prepare yourself and your car or mobility aid to make sure that you are confident when out and about.

Your medication or access to medical support is key to ensuring that you can enjoy the period without worry and able to take advice when necessary.

And if you are out and about enjoying a walk or sledging you will not only benefit from some fresh air, gentle exercise but boost your mental health too.  With a warm healthy stew to tuck into when you return you can enjoy the weather whether a White Christmas or not.

Click on the icons below to select tips for each area. Once you have taken the necessary steps you can sit back and relax knowing that you have a plan to deal with it.

Take care of your home Picture of House
Prepare for travel         Image of cartoon car smiling
Take care of your mental health Black and white image of head and brain.
Take care of your medication Image of pills
Take care of others  Image of two people hugging

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