Some helpful hints in a power cut- Guest feature by Gerry from SP  Energy Networks

Thankfully, power cuts are much rarer than they used to be.  If your electricity goes off unexpectedly there are a few checks to do before you call your local network operator. (SP Energy Networks or Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks)

  • Have your neighbours lost their supply?
  • Are the streetlights out?
  • If not the problem could be with your electrical installation. So check your trips switches first of all, as it may be an internal fault. If it has operated, switch off all of your appliances and reset the switch.

Reporting a loss in power:

Following on from the above, call your local network operator, they are open 24 hours a day, every day.

You can get SP Energy Networks on 0800 092 9290 (Central & Southern Scotland), Scottish Southern Electricity Networks on 0800 300 999 or you can use the new single emergency number of 105. This new number is free from all landlines and mobiles and will connect you to the correct network operator for your property, no matter who you pay your bills to.

Once you are connected they will ask a few more questions including your name and address. If it’s a large scale power cut you may hear a recorded message which will be targeted to your area and will include details of the estimated restoration time.

Need a little extra help?

If electricity is crucial to your health (for instance if you use medical equipment at home) or if you are over 60, ask to be included on the Priority Services Register.

For SP Energy Networks, you can do this via their website, by phone on 0330 10 10 444 or by email

For Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks via their website or by phone 0800 294 3259

  • If you can, unplug anything sensitive, also unplug items like hair straighteners, irons, cooker etc. so that you don’t forget that they are on when the power is restored.
  • Leave an overhead light on so that you are aware when the power is restored.
  • Try and avoid opening the fridge or freezer as much as possible.
  • Check on elderly or vulnerable neighbours.

Additional Services

Whilst our core function is keeping the lights on, we at SP Energy Networks are committed to caring for all our customers.  We understand that sometimes you may require additional support but may not be sure where to find it. We also work very closely with several local agencies, including Food Train, Home Energy Scotland and they offer support services that you may be interested in such as:

  • Befriending service – helping to combat loneliness in the elderly.
  • Help with the weekly shop – our partners will collect, deliver and put away the grocery shopping.
  • Maximising income – our partners will provide a free benefit health check, making sure that customers receive all that they are entitled to.
  • Help to keep warm by offering free & impartial energy efficiency advice and access to grants where available.
  • Debt advice: Our partners can offer free and impartial debt advice to make that customers have the support needed to get their finances back on track.
  • Staying safe at home: fire safety advice available.
  • Personalised support and advice for dementia sufferers
  • Tariff checks – our partners can make sure that customers are on the best tariff.
  • Good food & good friends – delivering home cooked food locally and spending time with customers who are socially isolated.

So if you think that these services might help, please contact SP Energy Networks on 0330 1010 154 and we will refer you to the appropriate local agency.

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