Hate Crime

3.How to report a hate crime
4. Further information and useful contacts

3. How to report a hate crime

You can report a Hate Crime as follows:

Call 999 (emergency) or 101 (non emergency)

If you cannot make voice calls, you can contact 999 emergency services by SMS text from your mobile. Emergency SMS is part of the standard 999 service which has been designed specifically for people with hearing loss or difficulty with speech. You will need to register your mobile phone at emergency SMS before using the service.

Text phone or Talk By Text

Users can contact the emergency services by dialing ‘18000)’. This call will be connected to the 999 service and translated by a Text Relay Assistant.

Hate Crime Reporting Form

You can fill in the Police Scotland Hate Crime Form linked above to report non urgent hate crime which has occurred in Scotland.
Alternatively if you don’t want to contact the Police, you can report a hate crime to Crimestoppers through their online form or by phone on 0800 555 111.

Third Party Reporting

There are a number of Third Party Reporting Centres in Scotland. Staff within these centres have been trained to assist a victim or witness in submitting a report to the police and can make such a report on your behalf.

Tell someone

Such as a trusted adviser, friend or family member.

Advocacy Service

An advocate is someone who supports you to say what you want to say, or will say what you want to say when you are not able to do so. Find your local advocacy service by calling the Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance on 0131 510 9410

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