Disabled Home Adaptations

3. Local Authority tenants

Local councils have their own local policies on the help they provide. The help available will vary depending where you live.

Cases are usually given high, medium or low priority, depending on the level of need and risk to your health, wellbeing and independence. You will get more details on this during your assessment. Limited budgets (money available) might also delay any work starting.If it is agreed after your assessment that a major adaptation is the best way to meet your need, then the local council will seek to fund the work.

Sometimes it may not be possible to adapt your current home to meet your needs. This may be because:

  • There is not enough space to make the changes needed.
  • The way your house is built may make it very difficult or impossible to change.
  • In some situation the local council may suggest other answers, such as moving to a different property.