Disability Sport

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  2. Finding a sport you like

2. Finding a sport you like

For anyone inspired to try a new sport, there are some great places to start looking at which sport might suit you and what’s available locally.

Scottish Disability Sport

If you’re looking for a new sport, a great place to start is the Scottish Disability Sport website. They are the Scottish governing and co-ordinating body of sports for people of all ages/abilities with a physical, sensory or learning disability. You’ll find their website is packed with regional and national sporting events and activities. You can also contact your regional disability sports branch of Scottish Disability Sport to find out what sports are available in your area. If there is a particular sport that you want to get involved in (anything from archery, athletics and bowls to wheelchair rugby), you can get in touch with the sports specific contact. Contact details: Tel: 0131 317 1130 admin@scottishdisabilitysport.com

Deloitte Parasport

Deloitte Parasport have a great website which can help you to identify which sport is right for you and a useful Sport Finder tool to find out where you can play it. Deloitte Parasport was created by the British Paralympic Association (BPA) who recognised that more could be done to provide information to disabled people who wanted to take up sport, either at a recreational or competitive level. There are currently over 3000 sports clubs across the UK registered on their website. Contact details: Tel: 020 7842 5789 Email: info@parasport.org.uk