An Assessment of Needs

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1. What is an assessment of needs?

If you are having difficulty looking after yourself or a member of your family, you can ask your local council’s social care department to carry out ‘an assessment of need‘.  They will look at how you cope with your day-to-day activities and may be able to recommend or supply some simple aids or adaptations to help you.  Many simple aids can be provided on long term loan, often free of charge, allowing you to remain independent.

If you need help with tasks such as paying bills, organising shopping or meals, taking part in leisure activities you may be able to get help or advice from your local housing support team.  Your local Council will have details of organisations offering support in your local area, or you can contact our helpline on 0300 323 9961 for further information.

You can find a list of the local authorities in Scotland
Find further information on Disability Aids and Equipment information guide or Disabled Home Adaptions information guide.


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