“How can I search for a local disability support group near me?”

Local and community based sources of support can be fantastic places to let you know a range of other support services in your area. You can search for local support groups for adults and children in Scotland using our Scottish Disability Directory. Local support groups can offer disability information and advice, help, support and assistance to disabled people, their family members and carers. Additionally they might run social events or meet ups within your area.

To search our Scottish Disability Directory follow the instructions below:

1.   Make your way to our Scottish Disability Directory page on the website

2.   Under the ‘Category’ section, select ‘Disability and Support groups’

3.   Choose your Local Authority

4.   Click on ‘Search database’ and see what  comes up

We are always working to improve our Scottish Disability Directory and are looking to add smaller local support groups. If you know of any groups that are not currently on the directory then please contact us and we can get them added- at no cost. If you cannot find a local disability support group within your area using our directory then please give us a call and we can look further into for you.

Helpline: 0300 323 9961

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