How can I get an adaption made to my house?

Housing adaptations can reduce the risk of accidents at home and promote independence.

If you are disabled, or someone in your home is disabled, you may get help with a wide range of adaptations to your home. Examples of adaptations include:

  • Replacing a bath with a level access shower.
  • Making it easier to get into and out of the house by widening doors or making a ramp.
  • Fitting lower worktops in a kitchen.

Smaller adaptions can also be made, such as:

  • Fitting a grab rail
  • Provision of a shower chair

In most cases, as a starting point you should contact your local Social Work Department and ask for an Assessment of Needs, which is usually done by an Occupational Therapist (O.T.).

For further information see our Disabled Home Adaptations Information Guide.

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